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Check out what exactly is our DJ Deluxe Package!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

So what is the actual difference between our essentials package and our deluxe. Not only a snazzy name but the features and extras that are included in the deluxe are the things that will make your wedding look from a standard look to a elegant and fun atmosphere. We absolutely love it when guests stick around till the very end because it makes us feel that we did our goal of providing excellent entertainment and the goal of having our bride and groom feel they have spent well on a great quality Wedding DJ. Check out how our few set ups have been that makes it deluxe package in every which way!

Our Truss Design system

When you think of a top notch DJ do you expect lights, a big huge centerpiece that adds that extra wow factor to your vision? This is exactly what we provide when we bring our Truss Design Framing. By combining our up lighting and carefully placed moving heads with laser lights, we can turn your dance floor from a blank canvas to a beautifully lit and elegant dance stage.

What is our Up Lighting?

  • It is an LED RGB light that can be shined on the venues walls, or a centerpiece to bring it to life!

  • These lights are safe especially from curious minds such as kids.

  • With our multiple color options we can recreate or add elegance to your already beautiful venue.

Here is some example of our up-lighting in action!

Check out our Instagram for more up to date designs!

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