Intelligent Lighting


When you want to take your light shows to the next level, adding complicated effects that move faster than a traditional operator could manually execute, then you'll definitely want to consider intelligent lighting. Automated and designed to illuminate venues like never before, these lights allow you to shift the mood of a performance or song in an instant, really capturing your audience's attention. Initially created to add movement to stationary lights, the advancement in intelligent lighting has been staggering. Providing a full range of motion and a multitude of effects, these lights have almost single-handedly changed the idea of stage presence. From simple designs with mirrors and switches to more complex setups with full moving heads, these lights are essential for serious shows.




  • 4 Moving Heads/Intelligent Lighting
  • Full Computerized Light Show

  • 10 Moving Heads/Intelligent Lighting
  • 4 L.E.D Bars
  • 4 L.E.D Pars
  • Full Computerized Light Show