Personalize YOUR event with a monogram. Lighting has become very much a huge part of wedding receptions

Add a unique & personalized touch to your Wedding or Event with a custom projected monogram! Our high-end gobo projectors can display your names, Wedding date, special message or logo in bright white light. The monogram can be projected onto the dance floor or wall behind your sweetheart table. We’ll custom design your monogram, and we have plenty of samples and selections to choose from.

A "name in lights" Monogram GOBO projection image or monogram can be added to personalize your elegant modern event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that "GOes Between Optics" in a spotlight projector. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event. 

Once you decide on a GOBO Monogram for your event, it's then a simple 3-step process:

  1. Select the design you prefer 
  2. We will design a proof and send it to you for your approval. Catalog images are ordered from a third party company
  3. Once approved, we'll create the gobo of your design or order your design, to be installed into our GOBO monogram projector and displayed for       your entire event                               

Please choose any design from the list below, we know you will find your perfect design

We have been using them for many years and have never disappointed in their design

Click Here for Catalog Images    




Monogram Setup

  • Metal Gobo 
  • GOBO Monogram Projector
  • Elegant Truss Fixture Stand 
          (Demonstrated Picture Below)

              *Duplicate/Glass/Color Gobo is 

                  available at an extra charge*