Lasers and LEDs, two concepts of the modern era that have revolutionized technologies and experiences in more ways than we ever imagined. This process continues with the fomentation of an amazing light show experience. Combining two forms of lighting into one unit. Be prepared to amaze your crowd and bring your party, bar, club, or show to the next level with lighting effects that are sure to have people dancing. The music will be more tangible than ever as the lights move in sync with the beat thanks to Sound Active mode and the built-in programs. With the portability and ease of use you'll be able to light up everyone's night with laser and LED light.  Our Basic light show will provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests on the dance floor.


Basic Light Show:

  • Setup and Pick Up when your event concludes
  • Moon Flower with Lasers Light Fixture
  • Moon Flower with strobe Light Fixture
  • T-Bar Tripod for Fixture Mount